School For Sale in Bandra, 2023

This is a school in Bandra ( West) ready to be sold out at an affordable price. Any interested buyers are here by notified to inquire for the same now that it's at a discounted price before the price goes up higher soon.

Main Conference Centre, Mumbai 2023

This a revamp a piece of commercially available but awkwardly shaped land in downtown Mumbai to a new conference center. The fundamental requirement for the space was to be modern but flexible so that it could cater to as much different fields and events as possible. 

Mumbai Maharashtra, 2023

Our most recent project in Mumbai is still under the finishing stage and bookings had started already in advance. It's an environment friendly and while injecting a fresh air of Scandinavian design and color to the surrounding environment. One of the top features of this project remains the intricate main reception hall, with its glass ceiling, fire system and parking lot.